Food Trends You’ll See & Eat In 2017


Every year there is a new food trend that sweeps the nation over by storm. Some food trends rise and fall, lasting only mere season (like those Starbuck’s Unicorn Frappuccinos), while others become rising stars across cultures (like this wonderful Pho and Ramen trend thats here to stay). We see these food trends spotlighted from food trucks to restaurants and even come to life in our very own kitchens.

In 2016, a Google Food Trend Report by U.S. Report illustrated the top trends of the food industry, which noted risers and decliners (ranked by volume of search). The risers included ramen, bibimbap, pho, overnight oats, turmeric, and jackfruit. While, the decliners included gluten-free cupcakes, bacon cinnamon rolls, quinoa, kale chips, and rainbow bagels.

Without a Google Food Trend Report for 2017, we have created our very own report by analyzing food trends predicted by Pinterest, Eatery, Huffington Post, Whole Foods, and other sources to give you the most comprehensive prediction. Moving into a new year, let’s find out which food trends you’ll see and eat in 2017.

Frisky Fork’s 2017 Food Trend Report:

  1. Zero Food Waste

    Fresh Direct

    Whether it’s leftover whey from strained Greek yogurt or spent grains from beer, food producers are finding innovative — and delicious — ways to give byproducts new life,” says Whole Foods. For example, this Sir Kensington’s vegan mayo repurposed their leftover liquid from cooking chickpeas .

  2. Creative condiments

    Date Lady

    Whole Foods says to “look for black sesame tahini, habanero jam, ghee, pomegranate molasses, black garlic purée, date syrup, plum jam with chia seeds, beet salsa, Mexican hot chocolate spreads, sambal oelek or piri piri sauce, Mina Harissa, and Frontera adobo sauces (ancho, chipotle, and guajillo varieties).”

  3. Alternate pastas

    Veggie Noodle Co.

    Whole Foods claims that alternative-grain noodles are growing in popularity, or psuedo-pastas made from a plant-based products such as quinoa, lentils, and chickpeas, spiralized veggies, and kelp.

  4. Buddha bowls
    Minimalist Baker

    Pinterests reports buddha bowls are the next big trend. Buddha bowls are trendy in the weight loss and health food word due to their Instagram-worth beautiful bowl of greens, veggies, beans, and grains.

  5. Fermentation  
    Whole Foods

    The James Beard Foundation tells us that, “Everyone from Alton Brown to Martha Stewart to Bon Appétit has a [fermentation] recipe, so take your pick… [And] will likely play into the growing notion that older, bubbling, cultured, and fermented foods are better for your health, for flavor, and for the planet.

  6. Jackfruit

    Huffington post says, “At the top of the list is jackfruit, the largest tree-borne fruit that saw a 420 per cent rise in interest among Pinterest users, thanks in large part to the vegan and vegetarian community which discovered its use as a convincing meat substitute.

  7. Nutritional yeast

    Bon Appetite says nutritional yeast is “going to make the leap to primetime in 2017. This umami-rich vegan condiment can be sprinkled on popcorn and other snacks as a creamy flavor booster, but it’s also being adopted by restaurants… as the substitute for Parmesan cheese.

  8. Milk Shakes


    Black Tap in New York City makes “gravity-defining” milkshakes and places are going to begin to copy cat this popular shake across the world. I mean look at this beautiful and enticing thing…


What’s on your 2017 food trend bucket list? I know I am booking a flight to NYC to enjoy Black Tap’s Milkshake… But, maybe this food trend will make it to me before I make it there. Happy trendy eating!