Can You Freeze Cottage Cheese?


Cottage cheese is a wonderful food that is actually a dieter’s dream. It has a tremendous source of protein which makes it ideal for athletes, body builders and those who enjoy staying active and need the energy to keep going. In addition, the cheese is low in fat.

The soft white cheese is excellent at maintaining a healthy weight or for losing a few pounds, and it’s also recommended for pregnant women who are seeking optimum nutritional value for the little body they are growing inside.

A long list of good for you vitamins and minerals comes in each spoonful of cottage cheese. For instance, the food is full of complex B vitamins, niacin, potassium, folate, zinc, calcium, magnesium, iron and so much more.

A lot of people enjoying stocking up on cottage cheese but aren’t always sure how to maintain its freshness for another time.

Keep reading, and we’ll show you exactly how to keep your cottage cheese tasty and fresh.

Can you freeze cottage cheese?

Yes, you can freeze cottage cheese and still experience the same rich flavor and texture of this high protein cheese at thawing time. For those who work with a lot of soft cheeses, their advice is easy and doesn’t pose any complicated preparations.

Cottage cheese has a tendency to absorb other food flavors and aromas near them, so make sure you place your cottage cheese in a plastic, air-tight container with a secure lid for freezing. You could also store the cottage cheese in its original unopened package. Just double wrap it to keep out any air pockets.

That’s it; your mission is solved and cottage cheese properly packaged for later use.

How long will frozen cottage cheese last?

Frozen cottage cheese will last a good three months, according to most food experts out there. It will maintain its freshness best if the container has not yet been opened. Cottage cheese like ricotta cheese is a very soft cheese, so it’s not going to offer the longest lasting shelf-life.

There are even other chefs who claim up to six months is fine to properly maintain frozen cottage cheese. Don’t forget to label your cottage cheese package, so you know what window of time you’re working with.

So the best way to put it, is this: Thaw that frozen cottage cheese within three to six months.

Another tip we can offer has to do with the curd size. Food pros say that larger curds freeze better than the smaller, low-fat selections.

Some folks like to stretch a dollar and who doesn’t? So it’s nice to know there are options for this wonderful food source.

How to thaw cottage cheese?

You can thaw cottage cheese with a few simple steps and then enjoy its rich, healthy flavor. The refrigerator is the best place to begin the defrosting process. Simply place the container inside, and allow it to slowly thaw.

Thaw your cottage cheese overnight or for at least several hours. When dealing with dairy products, culinary experts advise never thawing them out on the kitchen counter because the uneven temperature can allow bacteria to grow.

Defrosted cottage cheese will usually develop a watery layer around it. Drain the cottage cheese, place it in a bowl, and give it a good stir to restore its thick texture. If it remains a bit runny, some people love adding a little sour cream for flavor and density.

By the way, you have a window of about four days to enjoy your thawed cottage cheese.

Can you freeze cooked cottage cheese?

Yes, you can freeze cooked cottage cheese, and the results will be delicious and nourishing. For example, a lot of people like to make lasagna with cottage cheese, and there are others who also add cottage cheese to their Greek spinach pie.

In both cases, that means cooked cottage cheese and yummy meals that barely leave left-overs.

Let us say that you have a portion of baked lasagna you wish to freeze for another time. You can do that and not fear the cottage cheese would spoil.

Just wrap your left-overs twice in plastic wrap, and place them in large resealable freezer bags.

That’s all; your cooked cottage cheese recipes are safe and properly packaged away in the freezer.